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Data Recovery

First of all, we want to thank you for believing us to be the best choice for recovering your data!

Hard Disk Recovery

Data Recovery is a special process of transferring data from the media to which computer or some other device can not access through normal and projected working mode. We guarantee that our top specialists in the field of Data Recovery will put all their effort and knowledge to recover your data as soon as possible and in the largest volume. The amount of data to be saved depends on many factors and the recovery process is unique to each device/medium. Along with bringing or delivering your device it is necessary to provide some basic information to get back the information later.

After receiving the damaged device we can start the phase of diagnosing the failure following next steps:

  1. We analyse your media in order to detect the failure;
  2. Than you receive a report about the quantity of your data that can be recovered and at what price in the shortest time possible.
  3. After your confirmation we continue the data saving process.
  4. The last step is to return you the fixed device and your rescued data.

The process of data recovery is performed in specialized laboratories where the applied standards are similar to those in surgical rooms. All recovered data is saved on the storage servers, the drives connected into RAID with maximum precautions. More about security measures, your privacy and the privacy of your data, to which we give a great importance can be found here.

What we expect from you is to adequately pack your device during the transport to avoid possible further damage. Here are some recommendations for packing:

  • Hard drives are most sensitive to impacts and if you have a styrofoam or some soft material, make sure to protect your hard drive by putting it inside that material or wraping it with the same
  • The next step you take is putting the device into the box
  • In case you are bringing more than one damaged device please do keep on mind to put them in a way to avoid their contact due to electrostatic discharge
  • •If you have in your possesion ESD bag, we recommend that you put the device/media in it.


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