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Privacy Policy

In order to gain your trust we are giving a great importance to protecting your privacy and privacy of your data, whether it is private or business data we are recovering for you. Therefore we undertake to strictly protect your information from the public.

The information we collect

EWE Comp is gathering some basic contact data (name, surname, email address and phone number of the client-owner of the device) in the moment you bring or deliver your damaged device to us in order to contact you if needed.

All personal data such as ethnicity, religion, race, skin color, age, marital status, number of ID cards, personal ID, passport number, health care card number, blood type and other EWE will not collect. Same is with your business data: your customer information, accounting data, your personnel or supplier’s data, addresses or telephone numbers.

How do we protect the privacy of your data?


EWE Comp employees which come in contact with your data are doing their job professionally and responsibly whether it is data recovering process or protecting the privacy of your data.

  • Only authorized persons can access the laboratory.
  • The laboratory is not connected to external network (internet).
  • At the exit from the laboratory we are making a control check (it is not allowed to bring any device that stores data except the one that client brought).
  • The data may be obtained only by a person who left the contact information.

Website privacy site does not store IP addresses, browser identifiers and other data. Cookies are used exclusively for the operation of the site and they are not storing your personal or business information. Parts of the site to transmit data (forms) 128-bit encryption...

The functionality of the site in terms of privacy protection is implemented through:

  • The use of cookies that contain just a session identifier (SESSID)
  • The use of Secure Socket Layer (SSL)

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