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Ewe Comp is offering you the best prices on our market. Service charge is not depending on whether our professionals recovered your data or we sent it further to the super-expertise in the CSSI. We remind you that the services of diagnostics and detecting the failure are completely free. Also, in the case that data is lost for good and can not be recovered anymore the customer does not pay anything.

Hard disk data recovery

Type of failure
Most Common Symptoms
Price *
Logical failure Damage made to the logical structure of the drive - the invisible partitions €50-80
Faulty electronics Drive does not run and you can not hear the engine €80-120
Bad sectors BIOS recognizes the hard drive, but access to the data is limited €100-150
Firmware damaged (service zone) Drive is running normally , but the system does not detect it €120-150
Faulty mechanics Drive starts running and you can hear the rhythmic pounding From €150
Engine damaged Drive does not start and you can hear low buzzing sound from inside From €180


Other services

Service Type
Price *
Destruction of data from the disk Permanent and unreturnable removal of data €15
Computer forensics Collection and documentation of digital evidences Call
Repairing of other devices/ media USB flash, Memory cards, CDs, DVDs, RAID Call
*all prices include VAT. Prices can vary, depenting on current exchange rate










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