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Frequently asked questions

Q : How long is the data recovery process?
A: The process of saving the data depends on the type of damage of the media. The data can be accessed separately, sector by sector.

Q : What quantity of data can be saved?
A: As we explained briefly in the previous question, this depends on many factors. The most important thing is to underline what data is important and priority to be recovered. Further process depends on the state of the disc.

Q : Does the price depend on the size of the disk, the quantity of data?
A : No. EWE Comp did not define different prices for large and small quantities of data and the size of disks. This fact makes us unique on the market.

Q : Will my hard drive lose the warranty?
:A: In many cases it is not necessary to open the drive, but in case of more serious damages we will notify you of a possible opening of the drive in which case you lose your warranty.

Q: Which media you can recover your data from?
A : The data from all types of media can be saved wheather it is IDE, SCSI, SATA hard drive or USB flash drive, optical media or memory cards. We can recover data from every media that carries data.

Q : How secure is my data?
A : EWE Comp gives a particular attention to privacy of your data. Find out more about it here. We can only confirm that we are legaly responsible for your data therefore we take a special care of them.

Q : Where and on what media can I get my recovered data?
A: Your data can be downloaded at EWE Comp offices. Information may be obtained only from a person with a special document, authenticated by the seal. If the device is not damaged too much, you will get your data back on it, and in case of more severe damages you can bring a hard drive or buy one from us at very affordable prices so we can transfer your recovered data on it.

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