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Ewe Comp was founded in 1995. when we started distributing computer equipment and building our team. The idea of doing business based on the principles of reliability and confidence existed from the very beginning of the company. Experienced managers and highly trained specialists have made quite a remarkable success on the market in a relatively short period of time.

We have been awarded the title of the Best Seller of Dell computers in year of 2004. Our distributive program covers every segment of IT market and we have surpassed the limit of 20% of the Serbia market coverage in 2007. year, crossing over another limit of 50% company revenue growth what is twice the estimated overall IT market growth in Serbia. Nevertheless the essence of our bussiness is not just a simple sale, but creating the complete solutions that entirely satisfy and meet all the needs of our end users. According to this fact, the Data Recovery sector is opened in order to recover the data from customers device/media. The best advertisment for all the work we perform is the fact that we have a large number of satisfied customers whose important data was successfully recovered.

A special attention we give to enhancing our business-starting with our internal communication and rapid information exchange with our partners to the education of employees and hiring a quality staff. Our own office complex on more than 4000 m² that includes office space and warehouse space is just a ten-minute drive away from the city center and close to the main highway linking Serbia with Western Europe and the Adriatic ports. The described infrastructure additionaly enhances our business operations and makes our efficiency progress in all the segments of the company.

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Phone : +381 11 3535 500
Fax : +381 11 3535 599

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